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Former journalism students vote more frequently

Nationally representative data show that former student journalists vote more frequently in their late teens and early 20s than their peers with no journalism experience. The study, conducted by Peter Bobkowski and Patrick Miller of the University of Kansas, also suggests that the civic boost from journalism is especially pronounced for students from lower socioeconomic… Read More »

Newspaper students more likely to affirm free speech rights

According to the 2008 book The Future of the First Amendment, students involved in the production of high school newspapers are more likely than their peers who are not on the newspaper staff to affirm the protection of free expression rights. This study involved nearly 14,500 students from 37 high schools, which were randomly selected… Read More »

Student journalists learn to identify and address important community issues

University of Denver researchers Lynn Schofield Clark and Rachel Monserrate interviewed 45 high school journalists and concluded that participation in high school journalism fosters in students a recognition of the community’s needs and how journalism may be used to address these needs. The researchers argued that a fundamental skill that journalism students practice is looking… Read More »